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Coarse Angler

Learn Core Fishing Skills and Become a Great Angler

Coarse Angler is our beginners program where you will learn the key angling skills

This course introduces the core skills used in freshwater fishing over 4 comprehensive lessons. You will learn to fish with floats, feeders, and bolt rigs, preparing you for a variety of fishing situations. Discover different species of fish, their behaviour, and techniques to catch them effectively.

You will get hands-on experience with various types of fishing equipment, learning how to prepare and use them to catch lots of fish. Additionally, the course emphasises responsible angling practices, teaching you how to care for the fish and their environment.

Each lesson in the Coarse Angler program can be booked individually, offering flexibility to fit your schedule. Completing all four lessons will earn you the Coarse Angler certification, recognising your newfound skills and knowledge in this exciting area of fishing.

We don't just show you what to do, we show you how.

Learning good core fishing skills is crucial to becoming a great angler.


They serve as the foundation for more advanced learning and development. Without a strong foundation in the basics, it can be difficult to progress and excel in any activity. On this course you will learn the basic skills that provide the necessary building blocks for you to develop more complex skills and knowledge. 

You will learn to fish in a structured sequence that establishes skills and knowledge, starting with the basics and developing more advanced skills as the lessons progress. Online self-study allows you building knowledge in your own time which you take along to a fun practical session with your angling instructor.

Working in a small group, you instructor will bring alive the knowledge you independently learned and help you turn that knowledge in to skills. As all our instructors are experienced and regular anglers they will help you master the skills quickly and progress to catching more and bigger fish from the start.

Starting with Pole and Line fishing you will learn with basic skills of presenting a bait to fish as well as understanding when a fish “bites” and how to hook and land your fish. As most modern fishing is catch and release, we will show you how to take the best care of the fish you catch and return them safely to the water.

Bigger fish often require the use of a rod and running line, you will progress to setting up this equipment as well as how to use to cast your bait far from the edge. As your skills advance you will move on to learn fishing techniques such as feeder fishing, and use of special baits and rigs to target specific fish. And when you catch that special fish, you will learn how to record how big it is and capture the moment in a picture or video.

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Coarse Angler - Course Schedule

Lesson 1

Pole and Line Equipment

Basic Baits

Getting Ready to Fish

Casting Catching Your First Fish

Handling Fish

Lesson 2

Rod and Reel Equipment

Float Fishing

Casting Further

Landing Nets

Photographing Fish

Lesson 3

Quiver Tip Rods

Ledger Rigs


Mixing Groundbait

Quiver Tip Fishing


Lesson 4

Electronic Bite Alarms and Bobbins

Self Hooking Rigs

Preparing Pellets

Baiting Hair Rig

Weighing Fish 

What Can I Expect From My Course ?

The course consists of 4 lessons, each lesson has an independent study section and a instructor lead fishing lesson.  The independent study is completed online prior to the instructor sessions. Each of these online fishing lessons typically takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

The instructor lead fishing lessons are 3-4 hours each and consist of discussion /demonstration time as well as plenty of fishing time. We will provide all equipment and bait needed, ponchos if it’s raining, tea, coffee and water and hand sanitation.


All of our instructors are licenced under the Angling Trust Coaching Scheme, with DBS checks and 1st Aid training as standard to ensure your safety and high quality angling instruction. The venue has secure car parking and toilet facilities and we will bring a pop up classroom in case the weather isn’t so great. 

By the end of the course you will be confident to fish independently and have a range skills to always catch fish at all times.

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