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Lesson 3: Attract Bigger Fish - Mastering Groundbait and Swimfeeders


Elevate your fishing game with our third lesson, focused on attracting larger fish using advanced techniques. In this lesson, you will master four key skills:


  • Using Quivertips: Learn to use quivertips for perfect bite detection, ensuring you can identify even the slightest nibbles from fish.
  • Mixing Groundbait: Discover how to mix groundbait effectively to draw big fish into your swim, increasing your chances of landing your biggest catch yet.
  • Setting Up a Swimfeeder Rig: Set up a swimfeeder rig to target and hook wary fish, making your fishing approach more strategic and successful.
  • Casting Further: Hone your casting skills to achieve greater distances than ever before, allowing you to reach those prime fishing spots.


As always, we provide all the necessary equipment and bait. Simply come dressed for the weather, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Join us for Lesson 3 and learn how to attract and catch bigger fish with confidence!

Coarse Angler Lesson 3

  • We've got everything covered for your fishing experience, including, venue entry fees, all necessary equipment, and bait. Just make sure to dress appropriately for the weather to enjoy your day comfortably. Refreshments are available on site.

    You will require a valid fishing license is required to participate in all fishing activities, we will send details of how you can purchase one after checkout.


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