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Species Courses

Learn About Different Species of Fish and How to Catch Them

Species course help you understand more about fish behaviour

Our Fish Species courses look at all aspects of the different types of fish. You will learn about their biology, and behaviour as well as specific methods and baits to target their capture.

These courses are on demand basis, so please contact to register your interest.

Learning to fish for catfish
Learning to fish for Crucian Carp
Learning to fish for carp

Available Courses

Barbel - The king of the river growing to over 20lbs, one of the hardest fighting fish in UK Freshwater

Bream - Living in large shoals and growing to to over 20lbs, the bream is many anglers favourite big fish.

Carp - Now the UK's most popular fish, grows to over 60lb and can be tricky to catch BOOK NOW

Catfish - The UK's largest fish, grows so to over 100lb in the UK and has a habit of swimming backwards when hooked

Chub -Eats everything, feeds in really cold water, and  fights hard.

Crucian Carp - Much smaller species of carp, that are making a come back in the UK, can live for over 60 years

Perch - The most colourful fish in UK freshwater, bold and daring.

Pike - The ultimate predator in UK Freshwater, growing to over 40lbs. Sharp teeth make special rigs and handling essential - BOOK NOW

Tench - Hard fighting bottom feeding fish that can be caught in large numbers in the spring and early summer

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