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What Our Clients Think of UK Fishing School

"This is amazing, I'm so pleased everyone enjoyed   the session I have spoken to some service users today and they had nothing but good things to say "

Sally August 2023

"It was a really relaxed atmosphere and all service users where the most content I have seen them in a long time J Thank you Duncan!!"

Melissa August 2023

"My family & I would like to say a big thank you to the whole team for organising the UK Fishing School event at Shallowbrook fishery. It was a very child/family friendly session that was enjoyed and appreciated in a nice environment by everyone."

Adam July 2023

"Thank you for Saturday. We went for a 24 hour session and please to say 1 caught 21 carp and Lisa caught 28 carp. Without the lesson on Saturday we wouldn't have achieved that. I'm amazed by what you taught me. Thank you"

Jamie July 2023

"Hi. We had a fab day thank you. We obviously visited the tackle shop and now have a full set up and are now spending the day fishing tomorrow."

Kirsti and Harry July 2023

"You were brilliant with her she has not stop talking about it. We stopped of and brought a whip rigs and disgorger on the way home. Thank you so much."

Kieran July 2023

"I thought it was good because I’d never been fishing and wanted to try it. If we could do it again I would love to do it because it was really fun. I love learning new stuff and the instructors taught us how to fish!"

“I’ve never been fishing before, I really enjoyed it, catching a big fish was awesome.”

“Don’t always have a good relationship with my Dad but we got on great fishing.”

Lakenham Primary School Year 6 June 2023

"Thanks for a brilliant day everybody had a great time. Hearing the children shouting 'I've caught my first fish!' was wonderful and I'm sure never gets old."

Will Downes Lakenham Primary School June 2023

"Thanks again for Saturday, really enjoyable day!!"

Alan June 2023

"I must say a big Thank you to you and your wife and Jess, and the rest of the team for a really great day. D********** has not stopped talking about fishing, he wants his own fishing gear now."

Darren May 2023

"That's awesome and we have just got back from his 3rd day fishing, he's addicted"

Colin May 2023

"We are very pleased to welcome and work with Duncan and UK Fishing School to bring fishing education to ShallowBrook Lakes"

Stephen Hood May 2023

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