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Family Fishing at UK Fishing School

Learn to fish as a family and create forever memories

Fishing is an Great Activity for Families to Share

Its not always easy to find something the whole family can enjoy together. Difference's in age, fitness, strength, ability and of course cost often limit what we can do as a family. Fishing removes many of those barriers, allowing 2,3 or even 4 generations to share the same experience and its surprisingly affordable.

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Family fishing 5.jpg

Fishing as a family brings us all together with a shared interest that drives conversation long after we leave the water, as the family discusses it next adventure or the best bait to get. A monthly fishing magazine becomes read by all members the family, and grandparents now longer struggle to fill summer holidays. A family fishing day out on one of the many free fishing areas costs just a few pounds for bait, but creates priceless memories that last a lifetime.

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