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Try Fishing Experience

Discover the world of angling with UK Fishing School's unique Experience Programme! Feel the thrill of your first catch in the great outdoors, guided by our expert instructors. Perfect for individuals, friends, and families looking for an unforgettable day out. Ready to cast your line into a new adventure?

Learn to Fish with UK Fishing School

The thrill of catching a fish is an unparalleled experience, and at the UK Fishing School, we're passionate about sharing that exhilaration with you. Whether you're setting out to catch your very first fish or chasing the fish of your wildest dreams, we've got the expertise and passion to equip you with the essential skills.

Our Fishing Courses: From Beginner Basics to Advanced Techniques

Our fishing courses are perfect for anyone looking to dive into angling or enhance their skills. Starting with the Coarse Angler course, you'll get a solid introduction to various fishing techniques, from simple pole and line methods to more advanced tactics like ledger fishing. This course is your first step into the broad world of fishing, teaching you the basics and preparing you for more specialized catches.

You have the freedom to choose your learning path, with courses tailored to both outdoor enthusiasts and those who prefer the comfort of indoor learning during colder months. Plus, our eLearning options offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace, from anywhere, making it easier to fit learning to fish into your busy schedule.

When it comes to practical application, that's where our courses truly shine. Experienced instructors will take your online learning to the next level, showing you how to apply techniques in real-life fishing scenarios. They're not just teaching you; they're mentoring you, tailoring their advice to meet your personal learning style and interests. It's this hands-on, personalized approach that brings your fishing education to life, ensuring you're well-equipped for success on the water


Professional Fishing Lessons From Licenced Angling Instructors

At UK Fishing School, our dedication to excellence in angling education sets us apart. Our instructors are not only angling experts but also champions of safety and professional growth. They bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge from extensive teaching and personal fishing experiences, reinforced by ongoing training in first aid, safeguarding, and professional development. Their remarkable achievements in fishing, capturing over 100 different species, including 15 remarkable specimens each weighing over 100 pounds and a record-breaking catch of 400 pounds, underscore their expertise.

This unique combination of hands-on angling success, commitment to safety, and continuous learning underscores the exceptional quality of our instructors. While we approach the term "best" with caution, the tangible outcomes and experiences our instructors deliver speak volumes about their capability and the quality of instruction at UK Fishing School. Whether you're embarking on your fishing journey or aiming to enhance your angling skills, our team is equipped to lead you to success, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience.

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